More About The IAGA


Each and every artifact that is submitted to the IAGA is evaluated with the highest of standards. Our staff, headed by Joseph Mattingly, has over 30 years of combined experience in the Indian artifact field.  Joseph's qualifications include Formal Degrees in Physical Anthropology, Authentication Methodology, as well as National Museum Curation and Collection work. He has scientifically examined countless authentic Indian Artifacts, and utilizes this experience on every evaluation.


Services provided by The Indian Artifact Grading Authority assist clients in determining the value of their Native American artifacts. Our services include: Indian artifact appraisals and authentication, Indian arrowhead appraisals and authentication, artifact selling and liquidation services, collection consultations, grading services, investing consultations, and artifact location services. Whether you are new to Indian artifacts, or a life long collector, the IAGA will meet your individual needs.


Artifacts that have been certified by the IAGA often see an increase in price and demand.  Buyers and sellers will be able to trade with more confidence by mail, phone, or on the Internet, because they'll know what to expect of an IAGA evaluated artifact. Buyers that know what they're getting are more likely to be confident and aggressive. Sellers can be assured they're getting paid a fair price for their artifact's condition.  And because the collector knows what to expect, fewer items are returned because of dissatisfaction.    Artifact collectors trust IAGA evaluated items for all of the above reasons.


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